Monday, 22 July 2013

The Reality Factor

To give its full title is The 'strictly-come-dine-with-the-voice-of-big-brother-in-the-dragons-den' factor, but for me, and the actor playing the announcer, it would appear this title is too long. We'll go with the Reality factor.

basically this play is about a spoof reality tv show encompassing every other reality you've ever seen but taking it to the last degree by setting it in a PoW camp and having a firing squad shoot the contestants who lose the daily public vote. Its a satire on trash tv and to be honest very, very clever. There are 6 characters supposed to represent different niches within the population and played so very stereotypically- theres a gay guy, a chinese woman, a single working class mum, an attractive wannabe wag, a gym freak and representing the lunatic fringe- a vegan naturist.

At the start of the play it almost comes as a shock when 'Dr Earth' the vegan/naturist makes his entrance, the actor (i didnt catch his name) is very comfortable with his rather skinny physique and very comfortable with his nudity. Must say its a very brave part to play as none of the other show much skin, with the exception of the wag in her skimpy top and skirt.

Over the course of the play elements from all the main UK reality shows take place, as well as typical torture devices one may find in a real PoW camp including a rack, waterboard and stocks. for fans of cfnm this play is a fantastic spectacle as for the next hour Dr Earth performs some pretty intense seens with his female co-stars. He is the dance partner of Kelly - the low class single mum, he also ha some nice interactions with both miss china and 'perfect Anna'. On top of this he is also made to lend a hand at the various "torture" parts of the show including tickling miss china's feet when she has her ankles in the stocks and stretching perfect anna on the rack. its a good job they didnt cast an actor with a foot fetish or bdsm tendencies as it could have got very embarrassing for the man with his penis on show if he'd started to get aroused.

After the cast is one by one executed and it comes down to the last 2 the fourth wall is broken with a tirade of abuse towards us (in effect the tv audience) for their love of trash tv - very poignant and so very ture to be honest. A great play, with a very brave nude character.

I caught this at an advance screening in Edinburgh, the company will take it around the fringe festivals, very worthwhile seeing and a potential future west end show.

Monday, 8 July 2013

'In Red' Perfromance

In Red is a beautiful piece by Russian artist Thiana. it's been performed at various different exhibition spaces and galleries with different models, sometimes male/sometimes female. I'm not sure if she's ever done 2 models at once- that would be a nice twist.

The premise is a model lays naked on the floor as Thiana paints their body using her head as the paint brush and her hair as the bristles. When I first saw this performed it was with a female model and it was incredibly intimate. Thiana did not hold back at all rubbing her head into every part of the models body until she was covered in paint.

After the performanceThiana spoke candidly to everyone about the piece, my girlfriend asked her if she ever used a male model to which she replied yes- she prefered working with a male model. I imagined this would be fantastic to do as a model but also remarked its a very intimate and perhaps erotic piece- surely a male model would be unable to control an erection as she dragged her hair across his penis. She said the models she'd had in the past had been very professional and that it hadn't been an issue. She also invited us to her next perfromance, at a University, in which she would be using a male model. We accepted the invitation.

The set up was exactly the same, the model lay naked on the floor as the crowd gathered around him. It was a very small room and very cosy. Thiana got to work on his body, dragging her hair across his face and chest, rubbing in hard against him as he lay naked on the floor. It was beautiful to watch, very sensuous and as the minutes passed she worked her way down his body to his penis. With no hesitation she threw her hair across him and burrowed her head into his groin. I must admit I was impressed by the models ability to stay soft, he did not appear to show any arousal at all. 20 minutes laying naked on a floor with 100 or so sets of eyes watching a sexy artist drag her hair across his body, fair play to the man.

After the performance Thiana and the model, Gary, again spent time with the crowd. Happy to answer questions and explain the preformance. Gary inevitably was his "do you not find it a turn on?" and jokingy, "is everything in working order down there?" To which he replied his girlfriend - who was a spectator, would have "murdered him". If this was the case then kudos to the man, certainly has more control than me as you can see from the photos.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Standing on Roses

Standing on roses is a beautiful play about love and deception. I saw the play in Berlin when I was there at new year but I beleive it is touring Germany at the moment.

There is one scene in particular which is very steamy and pseudo-erotic. Ana in a blind sculptor and has arranged for Martan who is the main protagonist, and finace of Ana's best friend to come to her studio to pose for her.

The studio is set very well and Ana stands aside a very rough scukpture of the male form. She and Martan talk for a while before Ana asks him to undress. Being blind he thinks it will be ok to keep his trousers on but Ana tells him the pose is for a full body sculpture. He is very nervous but takes off his trousers and underwear, offering the whole theatre a full frontal view of his naked body.

Ana asks him to come closer and puts her hands out to feel him. As she is blind she has to view her model through touch only which results in one of the best cfnm-style nude scenes I have seen on stage. The scene last for perhaps 10-15 minutes as Ana feels Martan's body all over, it is very erotic watching her stroke at his chest and stomach before kneeling before him and feeling at his feet and legs.

There is then the very awkward moment when she asks if he is ok with her profiling his penis, to witch he replies yes. his character is obviously meant to be enjoying having Ana touch his naked body but the acotr playing Martan is either too nervous or perhaps unable in some to translate this into his character. This doesn't so much ruin the scene but I would be so much more powerful if Martan got an erection as Ana touched him.

As Ana begins to touch his penis, I think I speak for every male member of the audience when I say I was almost bent double, it was very sexy. somehow the actor just stood there allowing this beautiful actress to touch his cock but remained completely flaccid.

It is still a very powerful scene and one which I would love to perform myself, it must be very erotic to act even if you are not prepared to show yourself becoming aroused.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Apologies to all, not updated this for a while but in the last couple of months have seen some fantastic plays with amazing nude scenes. This first one i'll mention is mydidar by Jack thorne which I caught in London just a couple of weeks ago.

The play revolves around a couple - Marion and Dave - in a bathroom together for an hour and a half. There are 3 items of clothing present at the start, Dave in a pair of boxer shorts and Marion in a t-shirt and pair of knickers but after the first 20mins all 3 of these are discarded.

For the next hour both performers are completely nude and the interaction and dialogue between them is outstanding. They talk openly about sex and fancying people, they talk about each others bodies in the realest of terms and after preparing a bubble bath with candles and wine on hand they climb into the bath together.

The actress playing Marion is very beautiful, a classy upper middle class type with a lovely figure and nice skin tone. It's very sexy the way she caresses the naked Dave before getting in the bath then once in there she is very playful with her feet as she strokes at his face and chest with her toes. The way she moves with him in the bath is a nice touch for any man in the audience as its clear the way their bodies tanlge at times she must be getting very touchy/feely with his penis.

It must have been very exciting to perform and Dave is a brave man to stay nude for so long on stage with such an attractive woman. As i say i think a lot of men in the audience may have found the whole thing erotic and the actor playing Dave has challenged us on this by displaying his seemingly unaroused, flaccid penis. As the couple get in and out the bath on a couple of occasions for wine, phonecalls and going to the toilet! We can see despite the lovely Marions feet dancing all over him he remains soft downstairs, kudos to him on this for being so focused on the play.

It's a disappointment when the play ends abruptly but we've been treated to enough eye-candy from both performers, sadly 2 robes appear miraculously as they come to take their bows - why? I'm not sure. This play is still onin London and should be touring the UK this year.

Friday, 30 March 2012

The Pillow Book

Anyone in Brittany over the next couple of weeks should catch this new adaptation of the Pillow Book which is currently performing at the CACM in Rennais. The Pillow Book is one of my favourite films and the stage play does not dissapoint nor in any way hold back from the the sexiness of movie. If anything its far more steamier, the nude scenes are longer and the actress playing Nagiko is possibly the most stunning woman I've ever seen perform nude (taking over from sylvia camarda).

The plot follows the film to an extent but waters down a lot of the background about Nagiko's life and after a breif introduction about the characters and condensed history Jerome enters after only about 5 minutes. The dialogue follows the film (and subtitles) and its not long before we are treated to the first of many fully nude scenes between the 2 leads. Nagiko brings Jerome back to her appartment and dances seductively for him stripping away her clothes until she is fully nude. At which point she undresses Jerome realising his skin is the perfect canvass for her. Sex is implied but performed in such a way that the audience sees various poses of the 2 performers.

After sex Jerome lays asleep on the bed, completely naked. Nagiko, still naked herself, walks across the stage to her dresser and comes back with her ink and brushes. She spreads Jeromes legs and kneels in between them looking over his naked body and begins to paint on him. The silence and mood of the scene are stunning, you can sense the sexual tension in the room. My wife and I were sat in the second row and had a perfect view across Jeromes body to the lovely Nagiko and her perfect breasts. After a couple of minutes Jerome stirs and begins to wake, Nagiko convinces him to lay still as she conitunes to paint over the whole front of his body.

After about 5 minutes or so she makes him stand up as she goes to get her camera. He stands centre stage with his arms and legs spead showing beautiful calligraphy drawn all over his body. When Nagiko returns her camera is hooked up to a screen at the edge of the stage which shows her work and she seemingly can't help focus on his shaven pubic region where Nagiko has obviously spent a lot time. The detail is staggering and she has even painted a thin line down his penis. A few years ago at uni I modelled for my then girlfriend in an art project where I was bodypainted and I found it a real turn on, how the guy playing Jerome managed to stave off an erection whilst having his cock painted by a beautiful naked woman is anyones guess.

The rest of the play follows the film, Nagiko uses Jeromes body as a canvass sending him to publishers who strip him naked to read her work. The show lasts over 2 hours and I'd say there's at least an hour of full nudity with both Nagiko and Jerome throughout the play. Will keep an eye on their facebook group to see if they post any photo's or videos, really hope it takes off and tours.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Masturbation Remote

I love this show, its a play called masturbation remote and is basically about a couple in apartment who seem to have their sex lives, (as well as other aspects of their lives) ruled through a TV which doesn't ever seem to get a reception. Its funny and sexy and has 2 great looking people acting in it. The guy, Jonathon, is naked throughout the full hour long piece and seems absolutely comfortable. the girl, Talya, keeps her underwear on for the first half hour or so as she teases Jonathon but seemingly becomes more shy for the latter part of the show when she strips naked herself.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


This is prt of a piece called sand, basically it involves a man and a woman stark naked on stage together in the dark using 1 solitary lightbulb to periodically illuminate certain parts of each others bodies. It lasts for almost an hour and is very sexy, the woman is absolutely gorgeous and has great curves. The guy in the piece is Vincent Morelle from Libido so he has no problems about showing off his body and appearing with beautiful women.